Yet Another Origami Table

origami table

Table Origami

Designer: Olga Kryukova

This is one of the most stunning origami inspired table I have ever seen!

Origami is not new to Olga and Olga is not new to DesignFlute. You can find her on DesignFlute here. Young and very talented Olga Kryukova’s designs put my mood in singing mode!

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Rock Your Pet

bird cageRocking bird cage from Chimère collection

Designer: Bloom Room Studio

I am going to put no bird into it! This rocking cage is so über chic, almost sculptural.

I am going to put a green pet into it.

(A green pet? Yes my green pets are my newly acquired valuable plants!)

Or this cage will just rock in my living room as an timeless art piece!

Designers Marc Ange +Antonin Moire D’ Englise+Philippe Ricaud+Emmanual Hartman @ Bloom Room Studio have produced furniture for pets via their Chimère collection. The Chimère collection have been exhibited at recently concluded Milan Furniture Fair (17-22 April 2012).

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The Tale Of Beedle The Needle

beedle the luminous needle by Hojoon Lim


Designer: Hojoon Lim

Did you ever think about color of a sewing needle?

It is so small, the hole in it is smaller yet and then it is colored in silver! Great color and brilliant way to make it transparent! There can’t be more innovative way to stress a sewer, a crafter, a user!

How many times you have lost it? How much time you have wasted searching for it?

How many times you have experienced a blur trying to insert the thread through the eye of the needle?

Are you not tired of the color of the needle? Do you know many crafters color code their felt needles?

But now all this would be changed.

Designer Hojoon Lim has come up with the idea of a beedle, a simple ingenious way to make our life comfortable by answering all the above needs. (I hear you are muttering under breath which sounds like this: why I didn’t think of this before!)

A needle + luminous colors + bee as inspiration =  Beedle

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As Nature Types


Pollinate by Anna Garforth

A spring inspired typeface

Anna Garforth explores life and time around us via nature. Her social commentary turns green, experimental and playful.

Via her unique art:

Her typography grows!

She talks in mossy numbers!

The new economics is defined!

Or dried & pressed flowers speak the language of beautiful spring typography!

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