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Lace Garden!

Lace Garden by Anouk Vogel

(nickname: Bride’s Garden)

This eye candy garden is planted with white-flowering shrubs, bulbs and perennials which looks like lace with existing green. The literal twist is given with a lacy wire fence!

The Swiss designer Anouk Vogel is a landscape architect who dabbles in creating gardens, temporary installations, buildings, interiors and street furniture. Her competition entries, concepts and realized work come from some dreamland to create utter magic. There is always some poetry, birdie, lace and not to forget strength present in all her work.

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Myth of Brahmakamal

I was told this is Brahmakamal (Saussurea obvallata) – a rare flowering plant, found in the Himalayas.

Night Blooming Cereus

Photographer: My camera phone

So yesterday night we had gathered around the white magnificent flower and enjoyed its full bloom and its heady fragrance for few hours.

We are supposed to get rich!!

We are supposed to have a shower of blessings!!

To find out all the myths and lores I went to surf the net and found that it is not Brahmakamal but Queen of the Night – cactus – Night Blooming Cereus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum). In Maharashtra at least there is misconception about this plant being Brahmakamal.

But it is not that rare plant and flowers once a year(?) unlike Brahmakamal which is said to flower once in 14 years!

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steel sings the garden





A garden too lazy to grow up. Or if we are too lazy to look after a garden then the answer is provided by Alex Davis.

Indian designer Alex Davis creates poetry in his designs. He takes a tender fern and lily pond and then he takes a hard, stark material steel and creates a garden!

In his lazy garden bamboo sings, Olivia swirls, lily spreads, fern shy away and creepers just sit on window sill.

4 categories of ‘architectural plants’ like bamboo, lily, ivy and monestarial take root.

His creations are made of steel with laser cutting, hand craftsmanship and hand polishing.

These creations can be used indoor as well as outdoor and in water bodies too.





Please Do Not use or reproduce any of these images without written permission of the designer Alex Davis.

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the garden of my childhood


The numerous nuances of pink distinguish this garden from any other.

The apple tree, roses, petunias fragrant peas, pink and grey colors fight for space and crave to be picked up.

The theme is ‘The garden of my childhood ‘and Russian landscape designer Sergey Malyuchenko portrays it so beautifully.

Garden in the childhood is bright and as man grows old his garden loses colors. 

                               kindergarten.jpg              kindergarten1.jpg       

Behind the fresh pink’s soft cries of pick me up there is a hidden meaning of grey as neglected garden but pink is the transitional colors on the way to renovation.        

(original text by Olga Vologdina, photos by Evgeny Luchin & Nikolay Fedyanin)

via salon ru