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Musical Rang

rangamahal interiors

Architects: ONG & ONG

(Team director: Teo Boon Kiat)

Singapore based multi-national architectural firm Ong & Ong designed this Rang Mahal Pavilion (part of  Resorts World Sentosa) inspired by India. Indian musical instruments play a great part in décor and lighting of this restaurant.

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Riveting Spaces


I see a gypsy swirling her skirt here!

Interior Designer: Kathryn Scott Design Studio

Kathryn Scott Design Studio is a New York based interior architecture design firm. A self-taught designer and former painter Kathryn Scott’s work combines a mixture of styles. Reflecting client’s tastes and lifestyle she goes on to create a portrait which is unique, and timeless. What emerge as end result are contemporary minimal and comfortable style spaces with few surprises.

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house triangle


house triangle

Architects: @ mayaPRAXIS

This clever triangle house is designed by a young team @ mayaPRAXIS.

mayaPRAXIS is an architectural and design firm based in Bangalore. The primary motivation towards design for architects @ mayaPRAXIS is the opportunity to marry a wide palette of creative resources and constraints available in India.

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light and decor

The perfect curve!

Interior designer + consultants: Nainesh jain Designs

A little bit of creativity, clean harmonious lines, no clutter, a little light and sometimes a lot of light do the magic for Nainesh Jain Designs interiors.

And the result is sometimes breath-taking, at times pleasant and in perfect order and sometimes dramatic!

Don’t guess! The live coals on the table have to be lights!

The fairy-tale bedroom!

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hidden finds

I saw this image on emmas lovely blog and got curious. 

I clicked the link and found these very cozy and full of hidden surprises- home. This lovely home belongs to designers  of something’s hiding in here. (hello there! I did not find your names anywhere. One of you Philly?) There blog too is full of funny and cute little things they sell.

                                  hi hidden, coming out?

       deery, why bother yourself with vintage dictionaries!

            can’t say ‘outside there window’ view is not engaging.