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Happy Diwali!

floor lighting

Sanjhi Luminaries: low level floor lamp

Designer: Ankur Khare

Don’t you think floating flowers and diyas have come alive in a brand new avatar! This low level floor lamp by artist-designer Ankur Khare is brilliant on many counts. It incorporates traditional look, international style and traditional craft called Sanjhi craft.

The Sanjhi craft of Mathura is a ritualistic craft used in the worship of Lord Krishna. This craft involves cutting paper stencils to make Rangoli patterns on walls and floors and themes and motifs depicting the life of Lord Krishna.

(I promise a detailed post on Sanjhi craft very soon.)

So what better way to celebrate Diwali than with a design which encompasses Rangoli, diyas/lights and flowers and an ancient craft!

Happy Diwali!

sheep shape the light

If you are designing light would you be thinking of Jail?! Or City hall or Crematory!

Or even sleep! No but you sleep when lights are off.


Designer: Leila Atlassi

A master’s student at HDK, Göteborg; Leila Atlassi have thought of these extraordinary context and concepts to design extraordinary lighting products!

See how the context or story shapes these lights:

counting sheep

If sleep is miles away then count sheep in this ‘sleeping game’ light!

Not the same amounts of diodes are lit every time.

An artificial sunrise is also waiting for you in the morning!

city hall


vibrant colours in steel


chanukah candleholder

chanukah candle holder

Designers:  @ Tin City

When medium is mild steel, the process is laser cutting and the colours are vibrant with a subtle African influence then the result show in these intricately detailed beautiful décor pieces by Tin City which was earlier Tin town.





floral light

Designers: @ Tin Town  (when Tin City was Tin Town)

Floral light : Eight elaborate panels slotting into a circular floral centerpiece.



bird cage mobile

A grown-up version of a mobile! Use it in your kitchen to hang utensils from or in your bedroom for your favourite necklaces.


bird branch hooks

A beautiful branch for inside the house with four strong hooks for coats, hats or whatever takes your fancy.


fire screen

( Yes I am back after a week + of absence from blogging. Hope fully!?! another gruelling busy schedule is now months away!)