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industrial age-modern furniture


Designer Samira Rathod @ SRDA

Mumbai based architect and designer, the very versatile Samira Rathod set up her office- Samira Rathod Design Associates in year 2000. This trained architect  has earned quite a few awards and accolades for her furniture, product design and interiors.


Her incredible designs of lamps and furniture have the feel of rough edges and smooth-complex lines. The lamps (and even furniture pieces too) have magical reflective dimensions.


What I feel about these pieces: a feeling that I am transported back to the onset of machine age and that there is some modern age royalty standing with all its props and finery. Each piece has certain unsettling quality, each piece feels complete in itself, and each piece has a dimension I haven’t seen before.


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bottled creations


 Designer Kiki van Eijk                         bottled lamp

Take glass bottles of medieval times, create patterns inspired by the scenery around the table and kitchen of that period and turn it into lamps. Yes, that is what Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk has done. And the result is these pieces which are stunningly beautiful, historical, and timeless!

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hatch creativity


Designer Ted tao                                    Hatch

The idea behind this lamp -The ‘almost born’ has started breaking its egg, letting the first ray of life come inside. From outside translucent shell is glowing with signs of life. The lamp is a metaphor of life.

A team of young international designers work @ Hong Kong based Creativoo and design new kind of visual stimulus with tradition defying ideas.

These three lamps are from Creativoo’s designers under the brand name Minglo (pronounced Ming-Glow) from the T-series lamps.


Designer Gaelle Seznec                         Loop

In this architectural lamp you don’t need buttons and sensors. Instead use layers of moving glass to mechanically adjust its brightness.


Designer Gaelle Seznec                         Lune

From the different angles, the shape looks like a full moon or sometimes a crescent moon. Lune is the French word for moon.

designs to win


             designer – Neil Foley Designs

I don’t know where to start from for this incredibly talented young Indian designer, Bangaluru based Neil Foley. He has won red dot award, he has won Elle décor awards, he has won opu…, he has won..- well, well let me just sum up like this – each of his designs are of award winning quality and he has won about 30 + awards in last nine years.


twig-fruit holder

As the name suggests, the design is a stylized version of a twig or a branch. Taking a fruit from the fruit holder is like plucking a fruit from the trees. (Material used: stainless steel, cast aluminium)


drops – paperweight

(material – acrylic)


flower-vase-ripplenf1.gif flower-vase-ripple.gif

ripple – vase

(materials used acrylic and aluminium)

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