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Dance With Designs

40 designs inspired by dance:

bharatnatyam dancer

Bharatnatyam dancer (wooden chair)

Designer:  Sabiha Mujtaba @ Chrysalis

Today is international dance day and I just thought how this art form has inspired our designers and artists. Let us celebrate dance through dance inspired designs.

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High and Low ways of living


Flying  carpet armchair

Designer: Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007)

@ Friedman Benda Gallery – selected works exhibited (May 1- June 21, 2008)

While watching TV or reading a book, ‘a strange thing happens’ to me. I am comfortably sitting on a chair or sofa and then I end up sitting on the floor!

How this happens; go unnoticed! Perhaps between the sofa and floor rests some curling up, stretching and bending activities!!

I do not know with how many of you ‘this strange thing happens’ but to my kind of people these furniture pieces are remarkably comfortable and suitable!

I wonder why many more such designs are not there?

High and Low living

Designer: Studioroom906

This furniture responds to variations in sitting habits of different cultures and situations. So the western chaise lounge is extended to a carpet of eastern craftsmanship.

material: felt and wool


Designer: Suzukikegroup

Luxury of sitting in countless ways! Indeed!

material: leather and steel



Weaver’s magic


Designers: Basketry of Villaines-les-Rochers @ Vannerie


A few everyday objects, some unique objects and few architectural installations & structures by artisans of Villaines-les-Rochers, a small village in France. The Basketry Cooperative of Villaines-les-Rochers has some amazing creativeness to offer. Continue reading Weaver’s magic

Bricks & Bags

Brick Bag (prototype)

material: cable, textured paper cardboard

Designer: Inna Alesina @ Alesina Design

“Multipurpose, thief deterrent, humourous, stylish handbag.

All rolled into a pile of bricks”!!!

? This are designer’s words and  I don’t feel like adding a single word!

Alesina Design produces innovative, award winning and environment friendly designs and products.

(This is a new series Brick Lane – yes innnovative something about bricks and things!)

A twig on your dining table

spoon, mahogany

Designer: George Dubinsky

Can you find a better twig on your dining table?!

Better call it artwork!

“My work as a craftsmen designer is intended to provoke positive change in the way we value objects, and our environment. I intend to work in a way that spans the boundaries of craft and design.”  –  George Dubinsky

Agree! The designer’s own words describe exactly what I wanted to say about this creation!

Love the perfect seamless blend of nature and product!

The designer of this piece George Dubinsky is a student? at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence.

stone age modern knives


glass knives

Designer: Noa Bembibre + a group of 13 University Art and Design students for The New Dining Luxury joint project

The designer isn’t satisfied borrowing inspiration from tradition of only few hundred years. In fact she goes million years back and finds her inspiration in Stone Age tools.

And then designs these modern glass knives!

What you say have we progressed?! 🙂

Designer Noa Bembibre’s work is on display as part of Hardcore – New Finnish Design @ New York Design Week 2008 (Meatpacking District) (guide here) from today.