Dance With Designs

40 designs inspired by dance:

bharatnatyam dancer

Bharatnatyam dancer (wooden chair)

Designer:  Sabiha Mujtaba @ Chrysalis

Today is international dance day and I just thought how this art form has inspired our designers and artists. Let us celebrate dance through dance inspired designs.

In this mega post I would try to explore various mediums, thoughts inspired by dance.

Sabiha Mujtaba’s work won my attention few days back so a post is due on her work but today this dance inspired chair from her.

sculpture by Robert Gilmour

Dance Me (plywood and epoxy)

Artist: Robert Gilmour

Products and art, sculpture and architecture, life , marriage, tree, dragon and ceramic or light; you name it, lets check it here today!


dance hall

Cantemporary dance hall interiors

Designer: Maria Yasko

Though this architectural stunning interiors calls for separate post but I couldn’t resist. Even the process of design is just as beautiful.

dance hall

dance hall

dance hall

dance hall

dance hall

dance hall

inspiration photos

sketches dance hall

3 d sketches of dance hall……………………………………….


Chaklo, folk art, embroidery Gujarat


marrige dance

Marriage Dance (Embossed Serigraph with foil stamping)

Artist: Erte (Romain de Tirtoff)


Dancing tree (illusion) via

Peacock dance

Visual Artist: Archan Nair


Dancing skeleton tatoo via

dance stage set

Dance stage set via

Designer: Santiago Calatrava

This post would remain incomplete without Calatrava’ s stunning architectural stage sets designs!

dance stage design

Stage Set via

Designer: Santiago Calatrava

dancing apartmets1

Dancing apartments

Architects: Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon, Seo Hye lim @ Unsangdong Architects

Conceptualized as apartments built in oblique lines with different size terraces so that nature and oblique line make it look 3 dimensional.

dancing apartment

Dancing apartments

dancing tables

dancing tables

Designer: Joel Escalona

dance dining table

Dance dining table

Designer: @ Jah Roc furniture

flamenco chair

Flamenco chair

Designer: @ Urbana

limbo by berry designLimbo seat with planter (Dance originates from the Carribean)

Designer: Andrew Berry @ Berry Design read more here

dancing chairs

Into the dance ( chairs in mahogany+fabric)

Designer: Cindy vargas

giraffes can't dance

Giraffes can’t dance- storybook furniture

Artist: Sandy Askew via

Dancing vases

Dancing vases

Designer: Robin Van Hontem

tea dance

Tea dance inspired tea set made of paper

Designer: Siba Sahabi

dance of light uminescent sculpture

Dance of Light (luminescent sculpture)

Artist: Niara Asley

modern light by peter tucker

Dance (modern light)

Designer: Peter Tucker

digital art

Dragon dance

Digital art by jocarra

ceramic sculpture

Ballet dancers (ceramic sculpture)

Artict: Sheila Seepersaud-Jones

the blue dance sculpture

The blue dance (sculpture in stainless steel)

Artist: Blanca Munoz

ballerina, bronze sculpture

Ballerina (bronze sculpture)

Artist: Moshe Sandowski (via email sent to me)

laptop sleeveChicken dance (laptop sleeve)

designer: Patjila bags @ spreadshirt

wooden sculpture

Scissors dancer (cedar and mahogany sculpture) (Peru)

Artist: John Barrow @ Novica

patchwork quilt pattern

Dance of the dragonflies ( patchwork quilt pattern)

Designer: Southwind designs @ the gypsy quilter

Prince of dance

Prince of dance (oil on linen)

Artist: Ana Tzarev

koori surreal

Koori surreal art (Australian aboriginal art)

Artist: Wayne Krause

dance news painting

Dance news (acrylic on canvas)

Artist: Arne westerman

Indian friendship dance- prints

Indian friendship dance ( drypoint-prints)

Artist: Gene Kloss

warli painting- dance

Warli painting – dance

Folk art of Maharashtra, India

dancing diamonds

Dancing diamonds blackwork By Lady Kell @ Kincavel Krosses

claire cunningham dancing on crutches

Claire Cunningham dancing on crutches

In fact this calls for a separate post. But today I am taking a lot of liberty. Let us all open, get rid of limited dimensions and perspective. You must read this post ‘Using dance to teach product design’ @ Creative Connectivity

“Claire Cunningham is a multi-disciplinary performer and choreographer based in Glasgow. Her unique performance style integrating the dynamic and imaginative use of her crutches, alongside her beautiful voice (she trained as a classical singer), aerial and acting skills have made her a much-sought after performer both in the UK and internationally. Her solo works, evolution and mobile, have been critically acclaimed for their humourous and intelligent challenges to issues of aesthetics and dance.”

Usability through dance: See her short ME (mobile/evolution) video:

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”400″][/vimeo]

fire dance

Fire dance (source)

terracotta dance

Terracotta dance (oil on canvas)

Artist: Jean Marc Huss

dance with wisdom sculpture

dance with wisdom (granite sculpture)

Artist: Khang Pham-New

bronze sculpture dali

Dance of Time II (bronze sculpture)

Artist: Salvador Dali


Does time dance with memories (lightbox)

Artist: Daniele Buetti

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  1. omg……….these pieces are fantastic……….im doing dance as a theme i just wanted to see wat craziii things others have use…reflecting that theme…. i just wanted some ideas

  2. hi Roma,

    hope you remember me.

    very interesting theme… beautiful collection… Ballet dancers (ceramic sculpture), lights, dancing apartments and dancing vases are quite appreciable… to be able to convey your ideas and vision through your creation is effective creativity by any artist…

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