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Power Of A Smile

smile sign ringsmiling face ring – sign ring

Designers-Goldsmiths: Chao & Eero Jewel

Just bumped into this on the power of a smile day! 🙂

Chao & Eero Jewel is an Finnish jewellery design brand led by husband and wife team of Eero Hintsanen and Chao-Hsien Kuo.

Chao and Eero create jewellery that tell stories which reflect the beautiful nature or the fast paced urban culture, jewellery that bring a smile!

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Always In the Making!

who am i

A question mark born by DesignFlute

This is the most ancient self of me on this earth!

I look different now, changed. But one thing is constant – question. This is a question mark.

Who am i? I question myself constantly.

I wonder at the statement I always make in front of my kids and partner ‘don’t question me!’

Am I getting philosophical or just a little quirky?

At the moment I am motherboard-less!

But so what? Where is design? Hey! these are my designs, my digital art (first steps), DesignFlute art!

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10 faces of happiness


golden happy waves in ocean of life

by bovinacowboy

What colour is the happiness? How it looks like? Where does it hide or flourish?

In pursuit of happiness I went to flickr and found these 10 brilliant faces of happiness.


I don’t want to name this anything but pure happiness

by Harraz


hearty hug

by Moranga


candle light

by Cvalentine


radioactive happiness – it is! -face it!

by netsrot


just kidding yaar!

(in Hindi-slang ‘yaar’ means friend)

by daphnakadabra


let the sun shine in

by crazee-loki


lawful enlightnment

(it has beautiful meaning, go to the link and read it)

by cloudman82


wheels of life

(just adore this rich, old, spinning patina of life)

by Linee


the end of the garden, anyone?

by Zalita

Excellent photography and brilliant moments -I don’t want to miss any of these! When you click these links see their other photographs too. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

don't worry


Don’t worry – he tells me!

This is a modern day Vishnu for me. A calming, don’t panic image-support for me. When I want to do many things, thinking  have to do all the things and  have no time, absolutely no time and energy left then this evergreen image saves me. Like God Vishnu you can sleep on a deadly serpent and be in utter bliss.

(can’t remember where did I get this image from, perhaps a card or back cover of a book!)