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A Flower for Pindi, Dillitown & Lahori

In my last post there has been heated discussion via comments about the current terror attacks on Mumbai. There is in depth first person account + analysis, a word of advice and some very strong words.

(Still seething with anger) in wake of a bit inflammatory situation arising between India and Pakistan I want to say something albeit differently (i.e. design way)!

flower meerasethi

A flower for

pindi_meerasethicreative on designflute


dillitown_meerasethicreative on designflute

New Delhi

lahori_meerasethicreative on designflute

And Lahore

from Designflute  (because these are my views) and

By Meera Sethi (as these are her creations)

I think an artist becomes immensely successful when a common man is able to express his/her views through an artist’s versatile work.

Here I am expressing my geopolitical views through artist Meera Sethi’s beautiful geometric patterns.

Make no mistake ? this flower is only for people of Pakistan and India and for all peace loving beings! THIS IS NOT For politicians of these two countries or for that matter any country!!


Now about the artist whose work is so voluble.

Meera Sethi is a talented multi-disciplinary artist living in Canada and New Delhi.

Her design studio misc. (meera sethi creative) specializes in digital and print communications, branding, photography and illustration.

Meera talks of creating positive changes through her work.

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Architecture Framed


After a long unexplained absence I am happy to post something so superbly fresh and beautiful!

Photographer: Jennifer Squires

Jennifer Squires of jennifer squires productions has one great talent – photographing everyday life honestly! So what you get to see is simply captivating with the essence encompassed!

A professional photographer based in Ontario, Canada Jennifer Squires has new set of photographs captured in Greece.

See more of her work here and here.

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a little courage!


caught the sun

Photographer (novice): Design Flute

Gathered a little courage today and clicked with some novice phone camera!!!



Making faces is striktly prohibited here!



Grimacing tresspassers would be punished and would have to write 10 comments in praise each!

( Hey I saw YOU grimacing!! Now sitdown and write 10 times I love …. 🙂 )

10 faces of happiness


golden happy waves in ocean of life

by bovinacowboy

What colour is the happiness? How it looks like? Where does it hide or flourish?

In pursuit of happiness I went to flickr and found these 10 brilliant faces of happiness.


I don’t want to name this anything but pure happiness

by Harraz


hearty hug

by Moranga


candle light

by Cvalentine


radioactive happiness – it is! -face it!

by netsrot


just kidding yaar!

(in Hindi-slang ‘yaar’ means friend)

by daphnakadabra


let the sun shine in

by crazee-loki


lawful enlightnment

(it has beautiful meaning, go to the link and read it)

by cloudman82


wheels of life

(just adore this rich, old, spinning patina of life)

by Linee


the end of the garden, anyone?

by Zalita

Excellent photography and brilliant moments -I don’t want to miss any of these! When you click these links see their other photographs too. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

if you were a bird


Bahai, Lotus Temple, New Delhi,  India

If you were a bird or a kite or a camera perched on a kite in the sky, how the world would look according to you? Kite aerial – French photographer Nicolas Chorier‘s earth from up above!


Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri, India


Practising Kalaripayattu on the Beach of Kozhikode, India

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