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fall between the pages


                            raking aside leaves

                                 on the background pond

                                              I release the moon.

                                                      – A haiku by H. F. Noyes


Dry leaves between the pages started with my botany student sister years ago. This is one project which is ever going. I did it too and now my daughters have a few thick notebooks full of dry leaves and flowers.

This is what my elder daughter did for her school project – a wall hanging.

The creepers are of dried tomato plants. Orchids and bougainvillea flowers are kept as it is. The body of butterfly is made of rose leaves. The feathery wild growth (?) (on the right side) and wings of butterfly are coloured.

The wings of butterfly with their antennas are absolutely untouched-see the nature’s perfect cuts!

I can’t recognize these leaves (I mean the wings of butterfly ones). Anybody know? May be Robyn of garden rooms will be able to tell us.


                          This photo by Daxiang Stef – via Flickr.

dance with peacock

In all pristine glory he is ready to dance for her, too woo her. He is all decked up as there is competition. Not a feather without preening as she is going to select.Nature has her strange reasons to make males rather beautiful in animal kingdom. Female species are not that attractive but mostly in position to choose.Once again I have chosen him (earlier as simplest mor), now as most fabulous peacock. He is my favourite craft-bird.See how all over the world (mainly in public places) this bird is loved in mosaic magic. Let’s start the peacock dance now…..peasongsupon-sea1.gif  exmsftcom.jpg     Mor chowk, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Via songsuponsea


                                            Udaipur, India


                                                In Libya


                              Detroit Zoo,Michigan,USA


the photo is of not good quality and he is also not in his colourful glory but I like this one too. It was a private home in Paphos, Cyprus


                  In Santa Barbara, flickr photo by jimkster


This is on garden wall of a private home. This is one of my what I call ‘enduring images’! via Plasitasartists


How can I not include her! Anyway she is not to be left behind.The she-pecock mosaic some where in Florence, Italy. Photo on flickr by Gauis Caecilius.


I just love this pebbled peacock, cover of The complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook, via builders booksource


This is not a display at any public or private place, This one is straight from artist Martin Cheek. It is available in kit-form .