design is infectious!

Guess which flower this is?


I would say getting linked to design is infectious!

Just when I had started this blog everyone around me started seeing designs!

And my daughter Aditi came up with this flower. She was helping me in the kitchen and peeling garlic. You know now, right!

Yes, she pulled the skin of garlic in such a way that whole skin came out and it looked like, well a flower!

Since then we all are active and have gathered at least 15-20 such garlic skin flowers!

And now we plan to colour it and submit it as her school project from waste materials.


5 thoughts on “design is infectious!”

  1. Beautiful…children come up with such creative ideas:-)

    All the best for the school project:-)


  2. Your email made me smile Roma! πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for writing in, and big time dhanyawaad for your appreciation! I know if I have visited your blog sometime back, and had loved your sense of picking out unique and futuristic products and designs…but unfortunately, forgot to bookmark the site, and lost you in midst of the design blog jungle! Am so glad you wrote to me – gotta save your link this time πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your wishes for the bazaar…right now my fingers and toes are crossed – hoping the logistics work out right!

    take care.


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