useful gadgets for special people

The students of Industrial Design Centre, IIT, Mumbai has developed these two very user friendly sample products mainly for special people.


                Sound album-SvAna for visually challenged


Jellow-a happiness device for cerebral palsy affected child

                              a communication gadget


SvAna is a hand-held device by which the visually challenged can record, organize, edit and share memories. It has digital recording, bluetooth and memory card.

SvAna is Sanskrit for sonorous sound.

This product is developed by student’s team of Rashmin Raj, Ravi Krishna and Visvanath K.


Jellow facilitates nonverbal interaction on the basis of six basic emotions. The form of the jellow has soft and cuddly feel that elicits emotional responses based on touch.

Jellow is an attempt to bridge the gap in communication between those affected by cerebral palsy and those not.

The basis of the product is an Emotional Language Protocol (elp).

Students core team of Anchal Kumar, Samraat Sardesai, Peter Joseph, Antara Hazarika and Preeti Thakkar has worked diligently to develop this product.

(Edit: The Jellow is still in conceptual form and in a year’s time it will be produced.)

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simplest mor

Simplest peacock-mor (in Hindi mor means peacock)


It is a remote part of India, a small village where this little girl lives. She wakes up early and helps her mother in daily chores. By the time she reaches school she is physically tired quite a bit. But her eyes always glisten as she wants to explore every little-big thing on this earth and beyond.

Teacher’s pet she is invited to take over the class for a while. Her heart never refusing to stop jumping yet with outward calm she draws this mor (peacock), thinks teacher is going to give her very good today. She slowly begins to tell a story…

There was a kingdom with a huge garden. A pretty rajkumari (princess) lived there with her mor (peacock) friends.  She was very good in studies and wanted to conquer the world with her knowledge. She wanted  to study more and more and more than her parents or people of her side of the world would like to allow………

designflute thinks this drawing is mother of all peacock drawings.

(image courtesy ‘guess what I am doing!’ book published by National Book trust, India)