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projects by design students from all over the world!

Pillow Talk

The humble pillow is getting all the attention of interaction designers these days! Be it for stress relieving or feeling the presence of or talking to your long distance partner, get ready for some pillow magic!

Here are two interactive pillow projects from graduating Indian design students:

Hug to glow pillow

Hug to glow – pillow

Designer: Aditya Bandi @ IITG-design

Young designer Aditya Bandi from IIT – Guwahati – department of design has come up with this ‘Hug to glow’ interactive pillow to bust occupational stress. The harder you press the pillow, it would change colours or you can have personalized covers to hug to your beautiful memories or loved ones!

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A Bench In A Bag

Vistaar-seating system

foldable seating system

Vistaar – foldable & portable seating system

Designer: Sarika Bahaley @ IITK-design

You save the space and you create the space with this piece of furniture!

Fold it, carry it and take it wherever you want.

The space could be a park, a railway station, a waiting room or even your home.

Call this foldable-portable seating system, a chair for 4 or foldable bench or Vistaar as named by the designer Sarika Bahaley.

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Packaging is Storage

packaging for oranges

Packaging design for oranges

Designers: Prithu Paul and Ankit Kumar @ IITK-design

It is not a product, it is packaging for oranges.

No it is packaging cum storage design for oranges.

Yes it is packaging which can be reused for storage so it is a product.

And the packaging mimics it’s product!

Well this tangy, splashy, bouncy, playful, reusable design is created by Prithu Paul and Ankit Kumar, M. Des. graduating students @ IITK- design.

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Brolly – Inspired By An Umbrella

brolly the board pin

Brolly – the board pin

Designer: L V Sairam Jagatani

I love this time of the year as all over the world graduating design students show their portfolios. We get to see some real good innovative and creative concepts. So for next few posts brace yourself for some fun!

What is a board pin. A simple, small thing. But do we need to change it’s design?

Yes, I think so after going through the work of Sairam L V, an M. Des. from IIT Kanpur.

And yes I love this design!

Brolly – the board pin is inspired from an umbrella! It is safe, cost effective and easy to remove. Just check the following image to know how it works.

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