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A Bench In A Bag

Vistaar-seating system

foldable seating system

Vistaar – foldable & portable seating system

Designer: Sarika Bahaley @ IITK-design

You save the space and you create the space with this piece of furniture!

Fold it, carry it and take it wherever you want.

The space could be a park, a railway station, a waiting room or even your home.

Call this foldable-portable seating system, a chair for 4 or foldable bench or Vistaar as named by the designer Sarika Bahaley.

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Active Sitting!

swiss ball chair

Active sitting or the rising sun chair

Designer: Alexander Christoff @ Suggero

Ergonomic Chair with Anti-Burst gymnastic ball – this is how the designer describes his chair design. Alexander Christoff from Bulgaria has an uncanny ability to convert comfortable and ergonomic chairs into art of seating!

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