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a potter's digital art


frog – digital art

Artist: Jyotsna Bhatt @ Saffron Art gallery

A very talented Vadodara based ceramist and potter Jyotsna Bhatt’s work as part of Digital Art exhibition. It is while learning sculpture she discovered her interest in making three-dimensional figures.

untitled – digital art

archival inkjet on paper

Rat a cat – stoneware double walled form

@ Lemongrasshopper Gallery

Her ceramic works includes images of cats and dogs. She hates repeating forms and that is why she doesn’t like to go commercial.

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we come, we eat and we sleep

Let me tell you first :-

this is not my line. This is the title of a painting by Indian Artist N.S. Harsha.

we come, we eat and we sleep

N. S. Harsha tells stories through his art!

N. S. Harsha’s art has ensemble of figures and political convictions. His paintings tell stories in the modern Indian narrative tradition and popular art like in Bazaar styles, poster art, Pahari miniature folios and text-book illustrations. It is evident in the form and treatment of his flattened figures, skewed perspectives, wit and fine lines. He captures the global in local imagination.

We come, We eat and We sleep

Media: Acrylic on canvas

Size: Triptych Size 5.5ft x 28.5ft (panel size 5.5ft x 9.5ft)

We come, We eat and We sleep

N. S. Harsha‘s oeuvre includes painting, large scale installations and community projects.

N. S. Harsha lives and works in Mysore, Karnataka.

Harsha has just won the UK’s Artes Mundi prize.

(to see more images go here)

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out of box art


                  environment (acrylic on wood)

Artist Sukhdev Sinh Rathod @ galleries

                            Chemould-Prescott Road and @ Guild India

A trained painter and ceramicist young Indian artist Sukhdev Sinh Rathod ‘s ongoing interest in illusions in daily life has made him create three dimensional wall-works and contradiction between eye and mind series. In the illusionistic mode he creates three dimensional spaces- wooden boxes using acrylics.


contradiction between eye and mind-series

(watercolour on Arhes paper)

The tension between real and virtual space brings out multiple meaning out of simple objects in his art.


third world (acrylic on wood)

Besides his installation – like piantings, I love his architectural work as these installations evoke ‘still in the cabinet-  but out of box feeling’!


untitled (gouache on paper)


contradiction between eye and mind-series

(watercolour on Arhes paper)


superstition (mixed media)


untitled (gouache on paper)


anticipation (mixed media)

CO2 and lotus


Artsit Ng. B. Singha

A young artist based in Mumbai B. Singha’s these water colours on paper remain untitled and aptly so.

How do you describe global warming?

Or for that matter a peek into future where you would meet polluted world as well as aliens?

Who are looking like aliens-we or them?

But then hope, lotus and leaves are eternal!

Analyze your way, ask your questions and find your answers in these simple watercolours where fresh colours also tug at your heart.

Exhibited in February these year at Chatterjee & Lal art gallery the series was named ‘Breathe’.





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does this make me a vandal


                                   Does this make me a vandal

                               asks artist Apnavi Thaker herself.

A non-conformist who does not have any formal education in art made her decision to be a painter at the age of six. This Mumbai born artist was in Geneva as a teenager when she got involved in street art; provoking the secure system. Back in Mumbai at the age of 20 she trained under artist Krishnamachari Bose and Artist Jehangir Jani guided her.

No standard way of life for her, she is famous for going bald too. Her artwork is funky, provocative, questioning, a little crude and has certain kind of violence which depicts liberating experiences.

See more of her work here and here.