we come, we eat and we sleep

Let me tell you first :-

this is not my line. This is the title of a painting by Indian Artist N.S. Harsha.

we come, we eat and we sleep

N. S. Harsha tells stories through his art!

N. S. Harsha’s art has ensemble of figures and political convictions. His paintings tell stories in the modern Indian narrative tradition and popular art like in Bazaar styles, poster art, Pahari miniature folios and text-book illustrations. It is evident in the form and treatment of his flattened figures, skewed perspectives, wit and fine lines. He captures the global in local imagination.

We come, We eat and We sleep

Media: Acrylic on canvas

Size: Triptych Size 5.5ft x 28.5ft (panel size 5.5ft x 9.5ft)

We come, We eat and We sleep

N. S. Harsha‘s oeuvre includes painting, large scale installations and community projects.

N. S. Harsha lives and works in Mysore, Karnataka.

Harsha has just won the UK’s Artes Mundi prize.

(to see more images go here)

White Shadow

Media: Cloth nailed to Ground (Public Park)

Size: 45mt x 65mt (approx)

white shadow

Site-specific work for Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Project designed for TVS School, Tumkur

Media: cloth pasted on rock

Size of each shadow: 6mts

Project designed for TVS School, Tumkur

Melting wit

Medium   acrylic on canvas

Cosmic Orphans

Media: Emulsion wall paint

cosmic orphans

a site-specific painting installation at the Sri Krishnan Temple created for the Singapore Biennale.

All images courtesy Bodhi art and ‘Melting wit’ image via Artnet

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  1. Dear writer,
    thank you for sharing this info and pics of the artswork of Harshan.
    We are currently preparing for another magnificent artproject with him.
    However, i would like to point out, that some of the links in your article are not working.
    Thanks again for sharing,

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