designer glass

stephan gouraud


Designer: Stephan Gouraud

As I was away from blogging for past few days, info about Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition 2008 remained in my mail unread!

And I missed the competition in which I myself have liked to participate! The competition closed yesterday.

The Designer Glass Competition is an annual event held to recognize excellence among emerging design talent. The global competition final will take place in September during the London design festival.

Here are few stunning martini cocktail glass designs from Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass competition 2007’s finalists:

The inspiration for ‘Bangle’ glass (above) was the culture of jewels in India! The delicate bracelet, a bangle of gold lends an element of nobility and quality which serves to unite the separate elements of glass.

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sheep shape the light

If you are designing light would you be thinking of Jail?! Or City hall or Crematory!

Or even sleep! No but you sleep when lights are off.


Designer: Leila Atlassi

A master’s student at HDK, Göteborg; Leila Atlassi have thought of these extraordinary context and concepts to design extraordinary lighting products!

See how the context or story shapes these lights:

counting sheep

If sleep is miles away then count sheep in this ‘sleeping game’ light!

Not the same amounts of diodes are lit every time.

An artificial sunrise is also waiting for you in the morning!

city hall