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A Graphic Statement

sequence barware


Designer: Natalia Ogneva @ Designer on fire for Artel

The glass objects: mouth blown and acid etched.

Lines: straight, diagonal, parallel, intersecting.

Process: extremely laborious as each line is hand painted by Czech master artisans. Each glass takes more than a day to finish.

Inspiration: Joseph Hoffman designs.

Result: Striking, stunning glass vessels, I am unable to take my eyes off!

What you say?

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stone age modern knives


glass knives

Designer: Noa Bembibre + a group of 13 University Art and Design students for The New Dining Luxury joint project

The designer isn’t satisfied borrowing inspiration from tradition of only few hundred years. In fact she goes million years back and finds her inspiration in Stone Age tools.

And then designs these modern glass knives!

What you say have we progressed?! 🙂

Designer Noa Bembibre’s work is on display as part of Hardcore – New Finnish Design @ New York Design Week 2008 (Meatpacking District) (guide here) from today.


choose & vote

Will you vote for this design ?


(designer: Matthew Dollinger)

Or this ?

(designer: Kazumi Tanimura & Miyuki Habiro)

It is very difficult to choose from 10 equally beautiful designs already announced by the Bombay Sapphire as part of its 2008 Designer Glass Competition as top 10 US finalists.

It is time now for the People’s Prize Award.

Bombay Sapphire now invites YOU to vote online for this prize and choose your favourite glass.

Go here to view all the 10 finalists’ designs and vote.

Voting is on from April 28 to May 26, 2008.

The  US People’s prize winner will be announced on their Web site on June 5, 2008.

designer glass

stephan gouraud


Designer: Stephan Gouraud

As I was away from blogging for past few days, info about Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition 2008 remained in my mail unread!

And I missed the competition in which I myself have liked to participate! The competition closed yesterday.

The Designer Glass Competition is an annual event held to recognize excellence among emerging design talent. The global competition final will take place in September during the London design festival.

Here are few stunning martini cocktail glass designs from Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass competition 2007’s finalists:

The inspiration for ‘Bangle’ glass (above) was the culture of jewels in India! The delicate bracelet, a bangle of gold lends an element of nobility and quality which serves to unite the separate elements of glass.

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