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10 most cockiest furniture

Eimear – mirror

Designer: Colm Keller @ HDK

(showed at ‘Made by memories’ – Furniture fair 2008 )

look! I am so stylish! – says the cocky teenager resting against wall. (I love it)

In a design go a designer’s mood, ideas, hard work, and throwing away 100’s of blueprints. Everything is reflected in the design. It isn’t an easy job.

But a piece of furniture may evoke different emotions in the viewer – consumer; different then as perceived by the designer.

Hats off to designers’ creativity and meaning no offence:-

I declare these ten furniture – most cockiest, very interesting, funny, whimsical or plain mischievous in a subtle way.


Bellow – rocking chair

Designer: Neil Foley

this rocking chair sure wants to leap like a frog. (feel it would be fun and comfy though) 

Tango chair

Designer: Sigurdur Gústafsson @ Kallemo

why shouldn’t I be at party tonight!

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