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A work Desk=Persona+Typo

work desk

Persona work desk

Designer: Liviu Avasiloiei

Is this desk perfect for you? Aren’t you going to love a desk with your signature, say initials on it. This work desk Persona is designed by Liviu Avasiloiei.

A typo work station which is fully customizable has all the typography lovers drooling on it. I love this work desk because it is simple, fun and creative!

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Yet Another Origami Table

origami table

Table Origami

Designer: Olga Kryukova

This is one of the most stunning origami inspired table I have ever seen!

Origami is not new to Olga and Olga is not new to DesignFlute. You can find her on DesignFlute here. Young and very talented Olga Kryukova’s designs put my mood in singing mode!

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Nzela Table By Kayiwa

Nzela table by KayiwaNzela table

Designer: Lincoln Kayiwa

Nzela is a sturdy modular table set made of birch plywood. It takes only 3 minutes to set up this no-tool setup table. You may seamlessly conjoin – in whichever direction – as many tables. This knockdown piece can be easily dismantled too. Use it for dining, as conference table, for a ping-pong match or just as a statement piece.

The designer Lincoln  Kayiwa is not new to DesignFlute but check all about him here.

Nzela table is inspired by the De Stijl movement and is homage to designer’s grandmother.

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2 in 1 by 3-1 Design

bookmark+ penholder

Coppa – bookmark cum pen folder

Designers: Kazuhiro Aihara, Tomoya Yoshida, and Miho Hara @ 3-1 Design

Know your material so well, so very well that when you create; the material becomes almost the product!

3-1 Design team has worked with simple material like cloth so well that the simple cloth has metamorphosed in some innovative and brilliant products. These products are going to be shown at DesignTide Tokyo 2010 which is still 2 days away.

So here is 2 other designs from 3-1 Design’s portfolio. Knowing the material well made 3-1 Design team create something simply functional and dual purpose (bookmark+pen holder)

bookmark cum penholder

making use of flexibility of wooden board for dual purpose

table with split pipe base

Table base of split pipe by 3-1 Design

Just little twist and tweak or say splits gave this table stunning look

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Deep Stambh Table

table designDesigners: Sanjeev panjabi and Sangeeta Merchant @ Spasm Design

The design studio, Spasm Design architects operates from India and East Africa with a non-compromising attitude which says “do not theorize, do not promote a method or solution and do not think the process is any way similar in every project.”

Love this table with South India traditional brass lamps legs!

More to come of this firm’s work on DesignFlute!

* Deep Stambh means tower of light/lamp tower/lit pillar. Deep is a lamp and stambh is pillar in Sanskrit and Hindi.

Deep stambhs have architecture and history of its own. Generally erected or made near a temple with many levels for lamps.

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A side board in bleached maple with ceramic daisies and ceramic feet.

Ceramists + Designers: Bertozzi  & Casoni @ Dilmos

Master craftsmen and Italian ceramists Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni’s work show tradition and experimentation, link to the past and present along an axis.

And perhaps link between continents as well!

I just plain am biased towards this side board because it is named ‘Govinda’ and it is so beautiful. Govinda is another name of the Hindu god Krishna. Govinda also means – ‘giving the nectar of satisfaction to the senses’. (whatever that means 🙂 )


Quell mazzolin di fiori

Ceramic table with silkscreen printed top

Love this Bertozzi & Casoni table also. Somehow I am getting a feeling that mother nature is present here!!