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A side board in bleached maple with ceramic daisies and ceramic feet.

Ceramists + Designers: Bertozzi  & Casoni @ Dilmos

Master craftsmen and Italian ceramists Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni’s work show tradition and experimentation, link to the past and present along an axis.

And perhaps link between continents as well!

I just plain am biased towards this side board because it is named ‘Govinda’ and it is so beautiful. Govinda is another name of the Hindu god Krishna. Govinda also means – ‘giving the nectar of satisfaction to the senses’. (whatever that means 🙂 )


Quell mazzolin di fiori

Ceramic table with silkscreen printed top

Love this Bertozzi & Casoni table also. Somehow I am getting a feeling that mother nature is present here!!