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Present Your Case

portfolio case

Creative portfolio case

Designer: Reed Hansuld

Beautiful use of wood veneer (ebony, walnut and maple veneer + piano hinge) by furniture designer Reed Hansuld for a portfolio case.

See his other furniture pieces here.

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Gimme a flower of a cigarette …


 Gimme a flower of a cigarette any day!

Show concern to your near & dear addicts!

Play a lovely prank!

After watching this video you can also make a statement!

Till I figure out a way to put this video here (if at all I can figure out?)

go check this simply interesting how-to video – Flower or Cigarette? by  Crow Casla  @ Metacafe.

Happy flowers-moking!

pen holder

oslo – penholder

Designer: Harri Koskinen For Danese Milano

Most of the times simple things are most functional and beautiful.. A simple creation and lot of  thinking (sustainable too) is the beauty of this memo and pencil holder.

Designer Harri Koskinen has taken only two birchwood rings and a sheet to create this.

I would take lots of pencils & things to decorate this!

miniature benches on wall


This set of miniature benches image is with me before I started blogging. I just love these cute benches. This is a small little DIY project for me. I was going to put these type of bench-shelves in children’s room. But I have got greedy and planning to put these little cuties in my kithen. My small jars and bottles of spices can sit very comfortably on them!

Anybody who knows the source of these set of miniature benches PLEASE let me know.

EDIT: The enthusiasm of Jennifer Notar (reader) has  made me intensely search for the source of this set of five miniature benches and hurrah! here is the source Ballard Designs!