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Amazing Temple Lightscapes


Sri Kalahasti temple

Amazing temple and monuments Lightscapes By: Fountainhead Design

Fountainhead Architects is a Hyderabad based architectural firm.

Sri Kalahasti Temple 

This ancient temple is dedicated to Shiva (one of the 5 temples celebrating Shiva as the embodiment of the primary elements, here as air )

Sri Sailam 

This is one of the 12 Jyotirlingam shrines of Shiva.

Temple @ Vontimetta

 Vontimetta is a small place in Cuddapah district in Andhra Pradesh.

Temple @ Vontimetta

Sri Sailam

Sri Kalahasti

Sri Sailam

This is an ancient temple with fort like walls, towers, sprawling courtyards and a lot of sculptural work. This huge temple is built in the Dravidian style  and is one of the finest specimens of Vijayanagar architecture.

And the Belum Caves ?

Belum Caves is located in Kurnool district in State of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Archaeological survey of India has found remnants of vessels in the caves dating back to 4500 BC.

Belum Caves is the second largest cave in Indian sub-continent.

Belum caves

(All images courtesy Fountainhead Design

(Another of my post on temple architecture here.) 


A folk tale in typo


Hey friends, get, set, ready!

For a dynamic show! Wait,

For a dynamic typography show! Moment,

For a folk tale in dynamic typography By Saaib Zafar.


Here depicted are a few screen-shot of a Tamil folklore ‘Outwitting fate’ (project done in a movie form).


I believe this is a simple, superbly crafted and brilliant typo tale!

I haven’t come across such an exciting combination before!



An architectural graduate and graduating student at Degree 44 – IDC IIT Saaib Zafar dabbles in many areas of design other than dynamic typography. Check his Portfolio here.



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Gimme a flower of a cigarette …


 Gimme a flower of a cigarette any day!

Show concern to your near & dear addicts!

Play a lovely prank!

After watching this video you can also make a statement!

Till I figure out a way to put this video here (if at all I can figure out?)

go check this simply interesting how-to video – Flower or Cigarette? by  Crow Casla  @ Metacafe.

Happy flowers-moking!




Designers: @ Creativoo

I couldn’t resist sharing these creations too of Creativoo designers with you. Creativoo is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Shanghai, China.

Are you looking at these … speakers thinking why there is no sound ?!

Are you already shaking it?! (Nowadays I shake my CPU because it doesn’t get started!).

To me these products remind me something of sweet old gramophone design.

Hey! But I am not saying these are speakers or lights or some new age designer chairs!!

I am asking you what these are.

Use some brain salt and I already gave you a two hints!

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sa re ga ma pa

Sitar chair

Designer: @ Saba

After discovering this sitar chair at Sabaitalia I am felling like singing or playing sitar!

Neither can I sing nor play sitar.

But can share these stunning sitar designs with you.

Sitar – the musical instrument (Hindustani classical music) itself comes with beautiful carvings and designs.

Sitar miniature painting with gold

@ Crafts in India

Sitar in the garden on Flickr by Tablaman

For more images of Sitar go here and here.