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A folk tale in typo


Hey friends, get, set, ready!

For a dynamic show! Wait,

For a dynamic typography show! Moment,

For a folk tale in dynamic typography By Saaib Zafar.


Here depicted are a few screen-shot of a Tamil folklore ‘Outwitting fate’ (project done in a movie form).


I believe this is a simple, superbly crafted and brilliant typo tale!

I haven’t come across such an exciting combination before!



An architectural graduate and graduating student at Degree 44 – IDC IIT Saaib Zafar dabbles in many areas of design other than dynamic typography. Check his Portfolio here.



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banana aliens and degree 44 …

 biju neyyan, quote, degree 44, design-student

a quote by Designer: Biju Neyyan

But I think he has able to define quite a lot!. Like Biju Neyyan 44 student cum designers have been able to define a lot many designs and  design areas.

I am talking about Industrial Design Centre (Mumbai) – IIT B’s design degree show 2008. Degree 44 is being held from 9th to 15th of June. And Design Degree Show 2008 exhibition is going to be held from 13th to 15th of June at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

I was lucky to have a preview of the show today!

And believe me if you miss it you miss a whole design experience!

I would be covering the event starting from today so stay tuned and don’t miss it on this weekend too!

Armed with amazing versatility and 44 degrees of creativity these young batch has been able to find social needs & gaps and solutions! No luxe design they are after! And somewhere in Indian motif lies their starting point.

banana aliens - lady, aliens, invasion, characters, biju neyyan

banana alien – lady

Created by Biju Neyyan these are a family of aliens abstracted from the characteristics of the banana and banana plant!

banana aliens - naughty, aliens, invasion, characters, biju neyyan

banana alien – naughty

banana aliens-double, aliens, invasion, characters, biju neyyan

banana aliens – double

banana aliens - old, aliens, invasion, characters, biju neyyan

banana aliens – old

banana aliens, aliens, invasion, characters, biju neyyan

alien invasion, banana aliens, characters, biju neyyan

the cover!

And the story does not end here…

While I go prepare for next post you go check versatile Biju Neyyan’s all designs and creations here and here.