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Buddies From Flower World!

flower girls


Flower girls/Blossom buddies by Elsa Mora

This flower girls and blossom buddies are creation of extreme delicate sensitivity! Multimedia artist Elsa Mora‘s creations transport me to a magical, beautiful world where lots of things and concepts try to touch me! I am reminded of a child, a fairy, an angel, delicate creatures, amazing beauty, things humane, seek creativity where I already find beauty etc. I find these flowery creatures somewhat serene, out of this world and even think may be turn out as depression busters! I definitely smile!

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reshaped tradition



Kathi Stertzig and Albio Nascimento @ The Home Project

I am going to ask few questions first.

Why few young designers just do not design beautiful luxurious products, follow market trends and be happy with fame and fortune!

Why research for endless hours?

Why rummage through the tradition and think new designs?

Why insist on sustainable life style?

Why develop new material culture?

And why ask disturbing questions through designs?

Hats off to those young designers who do all these and much more and bring beautiful things to make our life easy!

Kathi Stertzig and Albio Nascimento @ The Home Project are two such designers whose designs, I am unable to ignore.

I already did a post on their postcard-which evokes a succinct remark on our life and times!


Here is their stunningly beautiful and eco -sensitive ‘unblossom’-salt crystal bowl .

Traditional hand-crafted crochet -work doilies are given new shape and function by crystallizing salt which raises them into bowls.



Egg-holder is a natural useful object to expose, serve and eat boiled eggs.

An old Portuguese tradition sells boiled eggs out of a plate which is filled with salt. The salt conserves the egg for a longer period and avoids strong smell. The crochet technique builds a structure for salt to crystallize. The outcome is a standard egg holder made of pure white salt crystals. A natural useful object to expose, serve and eat boiled eggs.

Few more of The Home Projects’ designs…..

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art of ?!?!?!

This is a game. If you guess it right then you will be awarded with a stunningly beautiful prize from me.


                                    exploision by John Crowley

Guess  what this beautuful box is made of.


                                          chair by Rodrigo Lima

Could you guess the material of the chair.


                                         sitting by Bernie Estep

Guess right and take this beauty home.


                                   bird-house by Kate Heckman

This bird-house is all yours if you guess correcrtly.


keeping tabs by Patsy Davila

Keep guessing & win this beautiful necklace

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