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With A Pinch Of …

With a Pinch of er… Chilli!


by Jim Hannon Tan +  LPWK for Alessi

Piccantino, the chilli scruncher chops chillies for you, spread and stores without direct contact with skin. Born of chilli 🙂 this design object is made of transparent rubber and steel. Gift it, hang it like good luck charm or ward off bad vibes (present in many a culture differently) or just spice it.

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Smile Inspiring Junk Art


Artist: Carolien Adriaansche

It is junk, it is art, it is brilliant!

I did not know the junk could look so smile-inspiringly cute!

The Dutch artist Carolien Adriaansche creats these infinitely adorable creatures from everyday recycled objects – lights bulbs, bottles, gloves, rubber band, caps, utensils etc.

More of her creations here.

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Skate chair for …

Skate Chair

Designer: Florent Lasbleiz @ Lasbleizdesign

“Relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean, not moving…”

– This is designer Florent Lasbleiz’s version!

Skating doesn’t necessarily mean standing and moving…..! Purely my version!

Me sporty enough! Nah?

(what other version lazy bones could think of!)

Do not forget to Check his incredible Angelique table and other designs here.

10 most cockiest furniture

Eimear – mirror

Designer: Colm Keller @ HDK

(showed at ‘Made by memories’ – Furniture fair 2008 )

look! I am so stylish! – says the cocky teenager resting against wall. (I love it)

In a design go a designer’s mood, ideas, hard work, and throwing away 100’s of blueprints. Everything is reflected in the design. It isn’t an easy job.

But a piece of furniture may evoke different emotions in the viewer – consumer; different then as perceived by the designer.

Hats off to designers’ creativity and meaning no offence:-

I declare these ten furniture – most cockiest, very interesting, funny, whimsical or plain mischievous in a subtle way.


Bellow – rocking chair

Designer: Neil Foley

this rocking chair sure wants to leap like a frog. (feel it would be fun and comfy though) 

Tango chair

Designer: Sigurdur Gústafsson @ Kallemo

why shouldn’t I be at party tonight!

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