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Pass On The Chilli



Designer: Prabhat Mahapatra @ designdaku

Beware I say because I bet you have not seen anything like this ever. It was never designed before! It is a brand new product-concept.

Beware I say because it comes in a deadly combination – first the chilli, second the nourishing green chilli eating habit via the holder and thirdly this chilliholder is conspired by a design bandit (designdaku: daku means bandit in Hindi)!

Yes, if you are the one who can hear the crunch green chilli makes between the chilli lover’s teeth; if you know at least one person who loves eating chillies in your home (if you are an Indian then there must be a person in your house who loves his chilli, says so designdaku and I wholeheartedly agree!); if you are frying chillies with pakoris or having your ganthias (gujarati snack) with chillis and raw papaya then you know where to head and how to serve chillies.

Designdaku is a team of  very talented young Indian designers who believe in catalysing paradigm shifts to bring transformative solutions and products.

And let me give you a last warning – beware: while making inquiries about their designs I had a very funny and friendly encounter with these designdakus. So go on, pay them a visit here.

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With A Pinch Of …

With a Pinch of er… Chilli!


by Jim Hannon Tan LPWK for Alessi

Piccantino, the chilli scruncher chops chillies for you, spread and stores without direct contact with skin. Born of chilli 🙂 this design object is made of transparent rubber and steel. Gift it, hang it like good luck charm or ward off bad vibes (present in many a culture differently) or just spice it.

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