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A Bench In A Bag

Vistaar-seating system

foldable seating system

Vistaar – foldable & portable seating system

Designer: Sarika Bahaley @ IITK-design

You save the space and you create the space with this piece of furniture!

Fold it, carry it and take it wherever you want.

The space could be a park, a railway station, a waiting room or even your home.

Call this foldable-portable seating system, a chair for 4 or foldable bench or Vistaar as named by the designer Sarika Bahaley.

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Dance With Designs

40 designs inspired by dance:

bharatnatyam dancer

Bharatnatyam dancer (wooden chair)

Designer:  Sabiha Mujtaba @ Chrysalis

Today is international dance day and I just thought how this art form has inspired our designers and artists. Let us celebrate dance through dance inspired designs.

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Active Sitting!

swiss ball chair

Active sitting or the rising sun chair

Designer: Alexander Christoff @ Suggero

Ergonomic Chair with Anti-Burst gymnastic ball – this is how the designer describes his chair design. Alexander Christoff from Bulgaria has an uncanny ability to convert comfortable and ergonomic chairs into art of seating!

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How Cool Is This!

puzzle wall cabinet

Puzzle wall by Frank J. Prendergast @ Neoform

(via My Designing Life)

How cool, clever and cute! With twelve drawers and ten cupboards, who would ever be short of storage space! The pastel shades of plastic laminates in this cabinetry create an interesting visual impact.

Designer Frank J Prendergast calls himself a third generation carpenter. The designer indulges in innovative cabinetry and carpentry and gives one-of-a-kind experience.

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Soccer, Soccer

Suzukikegroup, soccer, football, reccos, furniture, chair

reccos sofa

Designer: Suzukike Group

Going soccer crazy?

Come cool down have a seat on these footballs sofa and chairs!

Presenting here these cool chairs and accessories made of soccer balls and/or steel frame made by


But to get to the real meaning of Reccos chairs you have to do a reverse reading!

Suzukikegroup, soccer, football, reccos, furniture, chair

reccos chair

And I know you remain glued to TV while watching Euro Cup 2008 matches!

Hey! Don’t build up a strong defence and do not also make short passes!

Cause I make all the right kicks and make all the goals! 🙂

But free kicks disallowed here!!

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