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Blow And Bounce

Blow, Bounce and Relax!

ball game

Bounce by Paul Neave

When multi-tasking starts putting multi-pressure on me, when ideas rain in torrents; what do I do? I’ ll let you in on my secrets for relaxation – online. Something simple, easy and fun!

Just Go to Interaction designer Paul Neave‘s website and bounce these balls ↑ or blow the dandelion seeds here ↓. Does it matter if you have never blown any real one!

dandelion game

Dandelion by Paul Neave

Making digital world a little human and simple fun is what Paul Neave does with his interactive tools, toys and designs.

So go enjoy! What you wanna try few other interactions on Neave’s site? What about the one named ‘television’? You already got me irritated! And I thought you wanted to know about relaxation!!

Soccer, Soccer

Suzukikegroup, soccer, football, reccos, furniture, chair

reccos sofa

Designer: Suzukike Group

Going soccer crazy?

Come cool down have a seat on these footballs sofa and chairs!

Presenting here these cool chairs and accessories made of soccer balls and/or steel frame made by


But to get to the real meaning of Reccos chairs you have to do a reverse reading!

Suzukikegroup, soccer, football, reccos, furniture, chair

reccos chair

And I know you remain glued to TV while watching Euro Cup 2008 matches!

Hey! Don’t build up a strong defence and do not also make short passes!

Cause I make all the right kicks and make all the goals! 🙂

But free kicks disallowed here!!

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How this one for X-mas tree

I was about to put Apartment therapy (LA) in my credit links list with a thanks. But it seemed somehow incomplete!

(Gregory @ AT wrote :AT:India, here we come?)

Hey AT sure, a very warm welcome both ways! And what better traditional way to do so but with a rangoli…


And the X-mas is just around the corner.

So how about our kind of  X-mas tree this season! ?


This is traditional brass multi-tiered oil lamp from South India. Just imagine how it is going to look when it is lighted!


(And our jhula-swing as suspended furniture is an extremely interesting way to describe – new to my ears but a topic for a separate post altogether so will do a little later.)

brass lamp image via webindia123, terracotta lamp image via davidgreene