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A Twig and A Flower


Twig Vases by VW+BS

This stylish vase is created by Voon Wong And Benson Saw @ VW+BS,  a London based multidisciplinary design practice.

Why am I today in a mood for flowers, you might be wondering! I just need this flowery calm minimal visual delight! First it was my pc and then dengue‘s false alarm in family. My, was I caught unawares! I thought dengue only happened in some dirty back lanes.

wall sculpture

Climbing man – metal wall sculpture @ Iron accents

Find this wall decor sculptural piece very interesting.

Yes I am back and have started climbing again!

Flow, Function and Beauty

sofa bucefalo

Bucefalo sofa by Emanuele Canova

Amazing flow, form and function ↔ sitting, chaise and bookcase ↔ all in one minimal design!

Inspired by the legendary black horse; Bucefalo, only Alexander the Great could tame. What else Emanuele Canova has to offer,  see here.

rocking chair

From The Memento Collection by Emanuele Canova


Vases from The Memento Collection by Emanuele Canova