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Feels Like Home


Designer: Ricardo de la Torre

These are randomly selected images from Spanish interior design firm Ricardo de la Torre‘s portfolio.

These images deliberately make a strong impression.

Impressions of being interesting and cozy.  Strangely enough feels at home and I ask is this Spanish interiors or Indian decor.

spanish interior

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Pond Kitchen By Kamkam


‘Pond’ kitchen

Designer: Jaehoon Jung @ KAMKAM

‘Pond’ kitchen works on many sensory levels. The water waves sink gives you auditory experience of a water stream. Pebble shaped control box on deck gives tactual sense. Feeling of coolness and calm is already aroused by the pond shaped kitchen.

This breath-taking design is by Seoul based designer Jaehoon Jung @ Kamkam.

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A Shell At The Beach!

A Shell at The Beach To live In

shell house

Shell house

Architect-Designers: Sergey Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko @ Mahno

Near the sea lies a giant shell, big still unobtrusive and beautiful! Look closer and you will find this sculpturesque beauty is a country house in Ukraine designed by Sergey Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko @ Mahno.

If I have to describe this Ukrainian firm Mahno’s work then I would say big, bold, beautiful, eclectic and based on concepts. Each item and details of interior and architecture so perfectly moulded together that the concept comes alive or takes a new form altogether.

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Power of Ideas!

Why was I making on and off appearance these past few days? Let me share a few exiting things with you which is happening in my life and kept me absolutely busy!

It has been an overwhelming learning experience! Imagine Luis Kahn architecture, best business school in India, power of ideas and winning and being with budding entrepreneurs for 10 days! Wouldn’t you feel excited?

inside IIMA dorm

IIMA- from inside of a dorm

My husband’s project Arthkaam got selected as one of the best 74 innovative business idea out of 16,242 ideas in Economic Times’ Power of Ideas platform (Didn’t I always believed in power of my ideas!).

So I was in CIIE@IIM Ahmedabad for the workshop. It has been an amazing experience and yes totally hectic! I had thought of capturing Ahmedabad moments but did not get any time except few hours on last day.

So Ahmedabad the way I want to capture is still a future project. Meanwhile I will be bringing few design and clean tech related ideas from #ETPOI exclusively to you in next few days. The design related activities of IIMA students is also going to be showcased and yes I met Prof Jignesh Khakhar of NID during the workshop so some brilliant designs from NID too. All these exclusively on DesignFlute in coming days!

But first here is glimpse of IIMA; the monumental architecture of Louis Kahn

Luis Kahn Plaza

Louis Kahn Plaza, IIMA – old campus


IMDC – IIMA – new campus – where we were staying!

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Most Stunning 3D Interiors

futuristic interiors

Designer: Nickolai Yegorov

Nickolai Yegorov is a designer and computer graphic artist. It is his vision and not just his 3D skills which creates these stunning interiors. You can see his work here and here as his website is under construction.

3d interiors

Do I want to call him up to create this sculptural wall at my place!

bedroom 3D interiors

Simple, stunning modern!

hamam 3D interior

This Turkish bath (hamam) is his one of his beautiful works.

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