Any idea what a blessed feeling it is to feel “I am an idea’s person!

Any idea how confused an idea’s person can get while implementing one idea! (Cause it always gets transformed into another better idea!)

Any idea how many ideas are circulating in the universe at the moment!

Any idea – BIG=small, good=BAD, functional=dreamy, workable=great, crazy=CRAZY; how many ideas I want to throw your way!

Be a sport, be inspired, be a critique, be nice,

love, laugh, laud(app),

become a fan, an admirer

or just plain ignore!

I am going to be here!

Feel free to ask me!

Update (01.07.2010): Idea C (being hatched)

12 thoughts on “Ideas”

  1. I don’t unremarkably comment but I gotta state
    thank you for the post on this special one :

  2. respcted sir i m student of interior design and i m fasinated by your designs. its really apprisiable, Sir may i know whether you take students for internship

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