Curtain Ideas

What ?

You are not bored with yards of cloths hanging on a dear rod?

A room wall always remains rectangular because of a bored old curtain, did you know this?

Don’t you ever want to do something else with your curtain?

Are your windows going to get this or that curtain for whole of its life?

What’s wrong with elegant, funky, muted, colorful comfortable curtains, you ask?

I say, nothing wrong.


Just want to think differently.

Have thought differently!

And till I bring these ideas, scratch your head and think –

What can you do for/with/without/instead of a curtain?

Happy idea-ting!

2 thoughts on “Curtain Ideas”

  1. Hi, I am not a design student or related to this field, but I truly admire designs and the thought behind it. Instead of using boring curtain rods, how about using a dandiya stick ( used for playing daandiyaa-garbaa).Its usually like a hollow pipe, velvet cloth is stitched on it and zari patti ( zari lace) is used to decorate it, it can be criss-cross or just wrapped around different types of laces around the stick. Also a sheer curtain in organza and a silk curtain with cut work windows in it will be a nice combination, I believe.

  2. How about a home made scarf swag dressed over a decorative curtain rod. Then fit a simple shade or blind behind to give you some privacy. There are many ways to swag and dress a long piece of fabric over window. So something to suit almost any window.

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