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Most Stunning 3D Interiors

futuristic interiors

Designer: Nickolai Yegorov

Nickolai Yegorov is a designer and computer graphic artist. It is his vision and not just his 3D skills which creates these stunning interiors. You can see his work here and here as his website is under construction.

3d interiors

Do I want to call him up to create this sculptural wall at my place!

bedroom 3D interiors

Simple, stunning modern!

hamam 3D interior

This Turkish bath (hamam) is his one of his beautiful works.

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High and Low ways of living


Flying  carpet armchair

Designer: Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007)

@ Friedman Benda Gallery – selected works exhibited (May 1- June 21, 2008)

While watching TV or reading a book, ‘a strange thing happens’ to me. I am comfortably sitting on a chair or sofa and then I end up sitting on the floor!

How this happens; go unnoticed! Perhaps between the sofa and floor rests some curling up, stretching and bending activities!!

I do not know with how many of you ‘this strange thing happens’ but to my kind of people these furniture pieces are remarkably comfortable and suitable!

I wonder why many more such designs are not there?

High and Low living

Designer: Studioroom906

This furniture responds to variations in sitting habits of different cultures and situations. So the western chaise lounge is extended to a carpet of eastern craftsmanship.

material: felt and wool


Designer: Suzukikegroup

Luxury of sitting in countless ways! Indeed!

material: leather and steel



Zen with zing interiors



Interior Designer-architect: Galo Verdesoto

New York based architect-interior designer Galo Verdesoto’s interiors feel so fresh that I wonder colours of nature breathe inside or outside!

I feel that – a snail, morning sky, seasons and water – are playing right inside these houses.

Colourful pastel elegance rules here.

Can’t pin him down to one style but many which gives a Zen feeling but with a zing!

water must be the inspiration!

morning sky has come down!

flowers are chirping here!

seasons in full bloom!

Just continue reading to confirm what I am saying …..

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$ 100 bill – rug

A focus on cause and effect, innate curiosity, and lightheartedness – are what Pons calls the universal elements of design.

“You don’t have a specialization, so you can do anything.” This is Luis Guillermo Pons Mendoza, Miami based Venezuelan architect, designer for you. And he does everything with his very active imagination.

He is most hyped for his inflatable designs.

But for me Luis Pons’ modern interiors have the kind of details and simple complexity that makes him one of my favourites. The way he uses new materials is inspiration and he creates colours with play of light. A glimpse of his voids, touches, art and mischief ….







And the story of his career is interesting too.

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leave me alone


The element of constant fun is necessary for us as we struggle with a difficult boss, traffic or kids’ studies everyday. I wonder why very few people try fun things in there decor. It certainly is no easy thing to achieve a comfy, elegant as well as fun decor style.

If I had  such a hallway I would tempted to put things straight or make a comment every time I walked by.