High and Low ways of living


Flying  carpet armchair

Designer: Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007)

@ Friedman Benda Gallery – selected works exhibited (May 1- June 21, 2008)

While watching TV or reading a book, ‘a strange thing happens’ to me. I am comfortably sitting on a chair or sofa and then I end up sitting on the floor!

How this happens; go unnoticed! Perhaps between the sofa and floor rests some curling up, stretching and bending activities!!

I do not know with how many of you ‘this strange thing happens’ but to my kind of people these furniture pieces are remarkably comfortable and suitable!

I wonder why many more such designs are not there?

High and Low living

Designer: Studioroom906

This furniture responds to variations in sitting habits of different cultures and situations. So the western chaise lounge is extended to a carpet of eastern craftsmanship.

material: felt and wool


Designer: Suzukikegroup

Luxury of sitting in countless ways! Indeed!

material: leather and steel



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