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Feels Like Home


Designer: Ricardo de la Torre

These are randomly selected images from Spanish interior design firm Ricardo de la Torre‘s portfolio.

These images deliberately make a strong impression.

Impressions of being interesting and cozy.  Strangely enough feels at home and I ask is this Spanish interiors or Indian decor.

spanish interior

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Pond Kitchen By Kamkam


‘Pond’ kitchen

Designer: Jaehoon Jung @ KAMKAM

‘Pond’ kitchen works on many sensory levels. The water waves sink gives you auditory experience of a water stream. Pebble shaped control box on deck gives tactual sense. Feeling of coolness and calm is already aroused by the pond shaped kitchen.

This breath-taking design is by Seoul based designer Jaehoon Jung @ Kamkam.

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Most Stunning 3D Interiors

futuristic interiors

Designer: Nickolai Yegorov

Nickolai Yegorov is a designer and computer graphic artist. It is his vision and not just his 3D skills which creates these stunning interiors. You can see his work here and here as his website is under construction.

3d interiors

Do I want to call him up to create this sculptural wall at my place!

bedroom 3D interiors

Simple, stunning modern!

hamam 3D interior

This Turkish bath (hamam) is his one of his beautiful works.

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Exclusive Interiors from South Africa


Architects: Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) &

Antoni Associates (interiors division of SAOTA)

I warn you these interiors are luxe!

Luxe in terms of good life, luxe in terms of clean lines, luxe in terms of sculptural looks, luxe in minimalism, a distinctive African touch and creating little points of interests.

South African architects Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) amaze me not only with their sheer volume of work in architecture, interiors and products but in quality of work too.

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Musical Rang

rangamahal interiors

Architects: ONG & ONG

(Team director: Teo Boon Kiat)

Singapore based multi-national architectural firm Ong & Ong designed this Rang Mahal Pavilion (part of  Resorts World Sentosa) inspired by India. Indian musical instruments play a great part in décor and lighting of this restaurant.

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