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Origami Kitchen

origami-mi kitchen by olga kryulova

Origami-mi kitchen

Designer: Olga Kryukova

On a tube frame, boxes are mounted and because of this frame kitchen unit can be created away from the wall. Origami shaped cabinets can be pushed open. Support shapes are cleverly used and there can be different layouts too.

This designer from Russia, Olga Kryukova gives us a sleek, modern and stunning kitchen design.

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Pond Kitchen By Kamkam


‘Pond’ kitchen

Designer: Jaehoon Jung @ KAMKAM

‘Pond’ kitchen works on many sensory levels. The water waves sink gives you auditory experience of a water stream. Pebble shaped control box on deck gives tactual sense. Feeling of coolness and calm is already aroused by the pond shaped kitchen.

This breath-taking design is by Seoul based designer Jaehoon Jung @ Kamkam.

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Polished And Rough

kitchen by marcozanuso

E5 by Marco Zanuso @ Tisettanta

Pink, grey and zen-like

These cutting edge, hi-tech and super finish kitchen systems are created by Tisettanta Design Lab. But I am more drawn towards ambiances created for these kitchen systems. Call it kitchen interiors or kitchen styling; it is interestingly different.

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