Most Stunning 3D Interiors

futuristic interiors

Designer: Nickolai Yegorov

Nickolai Yegorov is a designer and computer graphic artist. It is his vision and not just his 3D skills which creates these stunning interiors. You can see his work here and here as his website is under construction.

3d interiors

Do I want to call him up to create this sculptural wall at my place!

bedroom 3D interiors

Simple, stunning modern!

hamam 3D interior

This Turkish bath (hamam) is his one of his beautiful works.



turkish bath

hamam detailing

futuristic bedroom

Futuristic bedroom

futuristic 3Dinteriors

You must go here to see all images of how this futuristic small space changes with the time of the day and needs.

3D interiors

Interesting lobby area and divider

bedroom 3DBedroom with traditional twist

indoor pool 3D

The pool blue extension on the wall

kitchen 3D

Glassy-classy kitchen

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  1. I am from Turkey and haven’t seen any turkish bath like that . it is amazing and unique . love ur concept .love it

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