With A Pinch Of …

With a Pinch of er… Chilli!


by Jim Hannon Tan +  LPWK for Alessi

Piccantino, the chilli scruncher chops chillies for you, spread and stores without direct contact with skin. Born of chilli 🙂 this design object is made of transparent rubber and steel. Gift it, hang it like good luck charm or ward off bad vibes (present in many a culture differently) or just spice it.

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Let’s Play!

LEELA chairs for children by designer  Rahul Shirbhate

I can’t help not posting these amazingly cool chairs by design student Rahul Shirbhate. Good designs for kids are not easy to find so when I saw this LEELA chair for children I just jumped.

Can a chair be more safe (moulded so), more playful (turn-able), more inviting (front legs look like dog’s legs!) and more colourful!!!

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What’s More Alive Than YOU!

designer Premrudee Leehacharoenkul

This is one of the 15 creations which won first creative call of 2009 given by What’s more alive than you.

What’s More Alive Than You is a fashion international company based in Italy who believes that people could be the soul of its fashion+art mission. So WMATY involves people from all over the world in a unique way to create collections. They produce collections of shoes, bags and accessories each with a tale to tell.

Bringing out innovative concept of fashion, they organize competitions rather say launches creative calls twice per year.

These creative calls are addressed to everyone, without any age limit, designers, lovers of art, fashion, design and architecture and especially to students. Whoever wants to express creativity beyond passion, put a slice of  cultural background and innovative ideas through  artwork can participate.

WMATY’s second creative call
is named ‘Freedom’ and is on air till 18th June, 2010.

Winners are kept on front burner. Their artwork allows designers to earn a royalty of 6% on sale price.

Plants’ Stunning Soulmates

by James Toggweiler

Throw away all your boring looking pots for plants and get these stunning soulmates for your plants ‘Rotoform Vessels’!

This is not a pot, this is not a vase, this is a vessel created for a specific plant!

Infact this is a project done every year by industrial design students of Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, US).

Inspired by a specific plant, students create three-dimensional, rotationally formed vessel which has volume and flat plane too.

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