Let’s Play!

LEELA chairs for children by designer  Rahul Shirbhate

I can’t help not posting these amazingly cool chairs by design student Rahul Shirbhate. Good designs for kids are not easy to find so when I saw this LEELA chair for children I just jumped.

Can a chair be more safe (moulded so), more playful (turn-able), more inviting (front legs look like dog’s legs!) and more colourful!!!


Saral in Hindi means simple. And the designers says ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

Curisit chair inspired by coil by Rahul Shirbhate

Coil spirally winded up  takes form of a chair.

Rahul Shirbhate is a design student at IIT, Guwahati. He has created these chairs as part of his study projects. Rahul’s beautiful work can be seen here and here.


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