Exclusive Interiors from South Africa


Architects: Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) &

Antoni Associates (interiors division of SAOTA)

I warn you these interiors are luxe!

Luxe in terms of good life, luxe in terms of clean lines, luxe in terms of sculptural looks, luxe in minimalism, a distinctive African touch and creating little points of interests.

South African architects Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) amaze me not only with their sheer volume of work in architecture, interiors and products but in quality of work too.


Inviting comfort lines


Modern kitchen ↓ and dining area ↑ with dated urns and pots.



interiors from South Africa

Ah Africa!

African interiors


Curves galore

white minimal

White, clean, minimal


unusual decor

Bang on!


Sculptural corner

african interiors

quizzing decor Quiz with creating interesting walls

stunning living room

Check larger image on their site and you will love this living area

aa interiors

dining area

Juxtapose modern with antique

stunning interiors


African dining room

Dining area with African touch

curved stairs

Curved stairs and curved space

living room

jutted view

Creating angles to preserve interest and view


Pools all seamlessly merging

exotic house

I spent hours on SAOTA’s various web sites. These are just glimpses of mainly interiors; their architecture tells the same stunning stories.

Image sources courtesy : Okha, Antoni Associates, SAOTA

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