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Sculpted Spaces!

interiors architecture

Architects: LIVE

(Nuru Karim + Shyam Raheja)

This is a duplex penthouse of musical architectural scale. A lyrical, dynamic, striated wall envelopes the staircase anchored within the 20 feet high internal atrium. Soft bodied forms are sited throughout the penthouse. This stunning and brilliantly crafted inner architecture is created by LIVE – Laboratory for Interactive Visionary Environments. The space belongs to India’s celebrity musician Shaan and his socialite wife.

LIVE is a Mumbai Based, award – winning international collaborative design practice. It operates as an experimental office that works closely on each project through playful experimentation, serious research, and old-fashioned problem-solving.

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Exclusive Interiors from South Africa


Architects: Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) &

Antoni Associates (interiors division of SAOTA)

I warn you these interiors are luxe!

Luxe in terms of good life, luxe in terms of clean lines, luxe in terms of sculptural looks, luxe in minimalism, a distinctive African touch and creating little points of interests.

South African architects Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) amaze me not only with their sheer volume of work in architecture, interiors and products but in quality of work too.

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