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Let Space Come Alive!

residence Sankalp

Architect-Interior Designer: Husna Rahman + Team @ Fulcrum Studio

These modern spaces speak of earthly charm, unafraid living and of time which is here and now! Bengaluru based Fulcrum studio’s Husna Rahman with her young team creates spaces which mostly rise and soar and stay in mind.

As if creating simple, clean and exotic lines are not enough Husna Rahman writes poetry for each space she creates (yes literally!).

Let’s start the voyage into Husna Rahman’s architectural and interior portfolio!

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Sculpted Spaces!

interiors architecture

Architects: LIVE

(Nuru Karim + Shyam Raheja)

This is a duplex penthouse of musical architectural scale. A lyrical, dynamic, striated wall envelopes the staircase anchored within the 20 feet high internal atrium. Soft bodied forms are sited throughout the penthouse. This stunning and brilliantly crafted inner architecture is created by LIVE – Laboratory for Interactive Visionary Environments. The space belongs to India’s celebrity musician Shaan and his socialite wife.

LIVE is a Mumbai Based, award – winning international collaborative design practice. It operates as an experimental office that works closely on each project through playful experimentation, serious research, and old-fashioned problem-solving.

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Modern Mix


Sunflower, tea and expansive view.

Architects: OPOLIS

OPOLIS is a multidisciplinary, award winning design practice by a very young team of architects based in Mumbai and Pune.


Was I talking about the view.


Endless hours of view.


‘House by the ridge’  is an award winning vacation retreat  by the architects in Khadakvasla, Pune


Organic is the mantra here.

If you are looking for signature style you will find none.


Colours and Geometry.

Ask for variety and you will find it everywhere.


The traditional touch.


The Zen bliss.

The basic rule here, it seems is simplicity.


Did you notice the drawings (?) on glass cabinet doors!


Clutter free -inviting.


The golden mix.


Clean Modern.

A Persian architecture residential tower in concrete jungle



Della Tower

By: Architects-planners-designers-constructors @ Della Tecnica

(principal architect Jimmy Mistry)

The beauty and culture of ancient Iran is being recreated amidst hustle and bustle of Mumbai city.

A grand, very modern and luxurious residential tower with Persian architecture and ancient Zoroastrian faith is coming up in a very busy suburb (Dadar) of Mumbai.

(An absolute visual delight!)

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Trees and concrete


A house with courtyard in interior Maharashtra

Architects: Bijoy jain and Mehul patel @ Studio Mumbai

There are varieties of native trees in the construction site so what to do.

Weave the house around the trees!!!

The trees stand so naturally in architecture practiced by Studio Mumbai that it becomes immaterial that it is inside a house or a research center with eighteen laboratories!

A simple courtyard house constructed with brick and plaster by Studio Mumbai is my favourite. Another thing I appreciate about the architects is that they think process and anonymous workers are important. So they give as much importance to skill of bricklayers, stonemasons and carpenters who have no formal education as to any celebrated architect’s work! 

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