Trees and concrete


A house with courtyard in interior Maharashtra

Architects: Bijoy jain and Mehul patel @ Studio Mumbai

There are varieties of native trees in the construction site so what to do.

Weave the house around the trees!!!

The trees stand so naturally in architecture practiced by Studio Mumbai that it becomes immaterial that it is inside a house or a research center with eighteen laboratories!

A simple courtyard house constructed with brick and plaster by Studio Mumbai is my favourite. Another thing I appreciate about the architects is that they think process and anonymous workers are important. So they give as much importance to skill of bricklayers, stonemasons and carpenters who have no formal education as to any celebrated architect’s work! 

And that is why the architecture comes out so clean structured and merging , mingling and evolving with environment!!!

capture the bright sun or the stark black and white staircase

way to first floor

inside the house

terrace view

another terrace view

(Photo Credits: Nilu Izadi)

5 thoughts on “Trees and concrete”

  1. …it is the poor that have the most eco-friendly houses – they will make do with whatever they have – local – whatever they can get their hands on, while the wealthy will import everything from far and wide and increase the carbon miles – don’t you see this attitude among the wealthy because money can buy everything – even clean water – even clean air – the untouched lands are now vacation homes of the wealthy – they mutilate whereever they go – just an observation.

    True sustainability is more an attitude and NOT a style, as what is propogated these days.

  2. Courtyard houses are so open and airy…no need for air conditioning. I get to see courtyards once in a few years in my grandparent’ home in India when I go on vacations. I also miss those huge built-in pillars that they’ve in homes that were built some 50 or 60 yrs ago.

  3. I love the experience of this environment. I miss those days when i used to stay in these kinda home with my grandfather.

    Great Job STUDIO MUMBAI.

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