Feels Like Home


Designer: Ricardo de la Torre

These are randomly selected images from Spanish interior design firm Ricardo de la Torre‘s portfolio.

These images deliberately make a strong impression.

Impressions of being interesting and cozy.  Strangely enough feels at home and I ask is this Spanish interiors or Indian decor.

spanish interior


ricardo delatorre11


modern staircase

the mechanism of this modern staircase


if you just wanted to read

book lamps

read here!


or this nook is better


or this feels more right


charpai! (what did I say about this being Indian decor)

looks like Indian kitchen

Indian kitchen or Spanish or fusion



self-meditation! 🙂

blue expanse

or blue expanse beacons

Images are from restaurant Tapanco, Madrid, Casa decor 2011- Madrid, House of Martinez Campo and other residential interiors.

Check more of Ricardo de la Torre here.

3 thoughts on “Feels Like Home”

  1. I really like this guy’s style…particularly that staircase!! It is stunning. I am going to try and incorporate some of his Spanish/Indian style in to my own home design.

  2. Talk about good ideas :-), I find that finishes and furnishings can top off what seems missing to most untrained eyes. As whats often mentioned it’s the little details that count the most.

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