How Cool Is This!

puzzle wall cabinet

Puzzle wall by Frank J. Prendergast @ Neoform

(via My Designing Life)

How cool, clever and cute! With twelve drawers and ten cupboards, who would ever be short of storage space! The pastel shades of plastic laminates in this cabinetry create an interesting visual impact.

Designer Frank J Prendergast calls himself a third generation carpenter. The designer indulges in innovative cabinetry and carpentry and gives one-of-a-kind experience.

over 18 chair

Over 18 chair by Frank J. Predergast

This over 18 chair is one such piece. Over 1,800 half-lapped joints make this delicate-looking chair rock-solid.

Is this cool? No, this is art!

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  1. Thanks for your interest in my work. There is always more being created. You can add me as a friend on facebook (frank Prendergast). Thanks for the encouraging words!

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