Ayodhya: Mandir Or Masjid?

Ayodhya: a political game?

mandir masjid

McCluskiganj (Jharkhand, India): A temple and a mosque side by side

At the very moment we Indians are getting Ayodhya verdict bit by bit. Wasn’t it a dirty political game as always?

I live in Mumbai and 3/4 of Mumbaikars are back home safe and sound! Time to be happy?  But I am angry! One full work day gone! And fear is still lurking!

What was always a matter of co-existence and architectural grandeur has become a matter of a dividing battle!

I immensely love the architecture of a mandir (temple) as well that of a mosque. And we have existed side by side for decades. There are still many examples standing erect in Indian cities.

One such example is (above image) of McCluskiganj – a mandir and a masjid standing side by side.

By the way one of the meaning of Ayodhya is a-yoddha that is a no war zone (where no warriers are allowed).

Check the judgement of High Court of Allahabad on Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid Case here.

Present Your Case

portfolio case

Creative portfolio case

Designer: Reed Hansuld

Beautiful use of wood veneer (ebony, walnut and maple veneer + piano hinge) by furniture designer Reed Hansuld for a portfolio case.

See his other furniture pieces here.

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Blow And Bounce

Blow, Bounce and Relax!

ball game

Bounce by Paul Neave

When multi-tasking starts putting multi-pressure on me, when ideas rain in torrents; what do I do? I’ ll let you in on my secrets for relaxation – online. Something simple, easy and fun!

Just Go to Interaction designer Paul Neave‘s website and bounce these balls ↑ or blow the dandelion seeds here ↓. Does it matter if you have never blown any real one!

dandelion game

Dandelion by Paul Neave

Making digital world a little human and simple fun is what Paul Neave does with his interactive tools, toys and designs.

So go enjoy! What you wanna try few other interactions on Neave’s site? What about the one named ‘television’? You already got me irritated! And I thought you wanted to know about relaxation!!

ZEN + Urban Furniture

zen light

ZEN urban furniture

Designer: Veronica Martinez

Pick up a zen stone, sit still, be inspired and create like designer Veronica Martinez does! Pure, simple and stunning!

Working from her studio in Madrid Veronica Martinez creates beautiful pieces of furniture out of nature!

zen birdhouse

ZEN birdhouse

zen furniture

ZEN bench with light

ZEN is a range of furniture designed by Veronica Martinez that will be produced in October 2010 by Jaume Espi in white concrete and bronze.

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A Twig and A Flower


Twig Vases by VW+BS

This stylish vase is created by Voon Wong And Benson Saw @ VW+BS,  a London based multidisciplinary design practice.

Why am I today in a mood for flowers, you might be wondering! I just need this flowery calm minimal visual delight! First it was my pc and then dengue‘s false alarm in family. My, was I caught unawares! I thought dengue only happened in some dirty back lanes.

wall sculpture

Climbing man – metal wall sculpture @ Iron accents

Find this wall decor sculptural piece very interesting.

Yes I am back and have started climbing again!