Present Your Case

portfolio case

Creative portfolio case

Designer: Reed Hansuld

Beautiful use of wood veneer (ebony, walnut and maple veneer + piano hinge) by furniture designer Reed Hansuld for a portfolio case.

See his other furniture pieces here.

portfolio case

Custom portfolio case Designed by Klo Agency

Tarlan Seyedfarshi @ Klo Agency is into branding, graphic and retail space design besides creating custom portfolio case designs.

portfolio case design

Unique portfolio case by Tarlan Seyedfarshi @ Klo Agency

(made with acrylic and decal)

custom portfolio caseCustom portfolio case by Tarlan Seyedfarshi and Amir Aziz

(made with black plexiglass and mirror)

how to make a portfolio case

Here Chris Cheong shows how to design a custom portfolio in $17

(Check May 5th entry: made with medium density board)

You can have a wood, leather, veneer, plexiglass portfolio which could be engraved, laser cut, decaled or crafted.

Suit your style!

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