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Ayodhya: Mandir Or Masjid?

Ayodhya: a political game?

mandir masjid

McCluskiganj (Jharkhand, India): A temple and a mosque side by side

At the very moment we Indians are getting Ayodhya verdict bit by bit. Wasn’t it a dirty political game as always?

I live in Mumbai and 3/4 of Mumbaikars are back home safe and sound! Time to be happy?  But I am angry! One full work day gone! And fear is still lurking!

What was always a matter of co-existence and architectural grandeur has become a matter of a dividing battle!

I immensely love the architecture of a mandir (temple) as well that of a mosque. And we have existed side by side for decades. There are still many examples standing erect in Indian cities.

One such example is (above image) of McCluskiganj – a mandir and a masjid standing side by side.

By the way one of the meaning of Ayodhya is a-yoddha that is a no war zone (where no warriers are allowed).

Check the judgement of High Court of Allahabad on Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid Case here.