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Ayodhya: Mandir Or Masjid?

Ayodhya: a political game?

mandir masjid

McCluskiganj (Jharkhand, India): A temple and a mosque side by side

At the very moment we Indians are getting Ayodhya verdict bit by bit. Wasn’t it a dirty political game as always?

I live in Mumbai and 3/4 of Mumbaikars are back home safe and sound! Time to be happy?  But I am angry! One full work day gone! And fear is still lurking!

What was always a matter of co-existence and architectural grandeur has become a matter of a dividing battle!

I immensely love the architecture of a mandir (temple) as well that of a mosque. And we have existed side by side for decades. There are still many examples standing erect in Indian cities.

One such example is (above image) of McCluskiganj – a mandir and a masjid standing side by side.

By the way one of the meaning of Ayodhya is a-yoddha that is a no war zone (where no warriers are allowed).

Check the judgement of High Court of Allahabad on Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid Case here.

Stay United

It seems recent Mumbai terror attacks have changed people of Mumbai. Their anger is taking form of lots of small and positive action groups.

Today streets of Mumbai have seen unprecedented united voices of people.

I have a feeling that this is going to grow to unprecedented heights.

I am feeling pleased as it is very positive!

Show your support to these randomly selected two groups: go check what they have to say:

Stay United



Heart Hands

Designer: Process

The Designer Process who have created this Heart Hands in wood is a young , talented graphic artist based in New York. Go check his creations here.

(Thanks: Ajay Pathak and Meera)

An urgent plea to vote


If you love

The smile and the shine on the face of this child

Vote for ‘Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children’ American Express Members project to get $1.5 million aid;

So that International Medical Corps can help millions of malnourished children to smile and shine like this one!

Vote doesn’t cost you a thing!

Vote Today as time is running out.

Know more facts here.

Click Her to Vote.

You can vote till  13th of October – for next three days.


(image and video source:IMC)

I have voted and if you like you can also

Vote For ‘Feeding 1 million children daily’ project by Akshaya Patra Foundation.

(To provide school lunch to children across India)


World Animal Day


Offerings (ceramic art)

Artist: Shampa Shah @ Lemon Grasshopper Art gallery

Feeling angry at how easily actors and politicians in India kill rare and protected species and get away scot-free or lightly!

Don’t want to say more as this creation of artist Shampa Shah says everything too well!

We can pledge support in various ways ?

Download an animated screen saver from  World Animal Day

Or Send an E-card here

Or Check these @ Better World qoutes :

The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?”
~Jeremy Bentham

Or Check these interiors : My pet views


world day against child labour

 a message, a poster against child labour, hemang anglay

a poster by graphic designer 

Hemang Anglay

Do I want to write big words about child labour like bonded labour, child trafficking, hazardous conditions and lost childhood in long hours!


Do I want to give big statistics for child labour – like an estimation of 167 to 250 million child labour worldwide!


Do I want to say that India has about 17 million child labour!


I am unable to see a Child Labour as Separate Identity from his poor family. It’s a Child-Labour-family and not just a child labour! A child contributes about 34%  to 37% of household income.

Am I not against child labour?

I Am Completely Against Child Labour.

But I am looking for Real Social Equality Solutions and not just laws and days and campaigns so that we can eradiate child labour from roots.


a graphic/poster against child labour, sunil tungaria

a graphic/poster by animation designer Sunil Tungaria ( idc-iitb : degree 44 show)


this Earth Day … bamboo architecture

Kisama heritage village, Nagaland, India


I have been to NMBA’s gallery again and again and have downloaded few bamboo structures, pre-fabs etc. I just needed an excuse to showcase these images!

And I am particularly enamoured with this bamboo structure!

Kisama Heritage Village


Kisama Heritage village

The National Mission on Bamboo Applications (NMBA) is a multi-disciplinary Technology Mission. It has been tasked with creating the basis for enlarging the bamboo sector, and with supporting the efforts of the Government of India towards augmenting economic opportunity, income and employment.